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Takumi Competencies


Takumi Precision Engineering has the widest range of machinery of any company in our sector.


Takumi Precision Engineering’s milling cell has 10 machines arranged in an ergonomic and compact square to optimise smooth work throughput. An assortment of 3, 4 and 5 axis machines operate double shift machining a variety of metal implants, instruments and other assorted tooling.


AxisSpindlesToolsStroke/Spindle Speed
SpinnerU6205160620-520-460 12000rpm
SpinnerU6205160620-520-460 12000rpm
SpinnerU6205130620-520-460 12000rpm
SpinnerU6305160620-520-460 12000rpm
Doosan DNM 350 5AX5130X600-Y655-Z500 12000rpm
Doosan DNM 350 5AX5130X600-Y655-Z500 12000rpm
Doosan DNM 350 5AX5130X600-Y655-Z500 12000rpm
Doosan DNM 250 5AX5130X500-Y500-Z500 12000 rpm
Doosan DNM 250 5AX5130X500-Y500-Z500 12000 rpm
Mori Seki NV50005130800-520-700 14000rpm
Doosan DNM 570031301050-570-510 12000rpm
Doosan DNM 6503130X650-Y655-Z500 8000rpm
Doosan DNM 750 231302160-760-650 8000rpm
Cincinnati Arrow 2 12505121X1250-Y650-Z650
Cincinnati Arrow 7504121X750-Y510-Z500
Cincinnati Lamb CFV 800i3121X800-Y540-Z540
Cincinnati Dart 5003121X510-Y510-Z500
Cincinnati Milacron Dart 5003121X510-Y510-Z500
Cincinnati Arrow 7503121X750-Y510-Z500
Turret Mill manual311n/a


Takumi possess a broad range of multi-axis lathes offering a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths and optional features. This variety allows us to meet any production need required.

Operating adjacent to the milling cell is a similar array of 7 CNC lathes. This cell is well equipped both in terms of operative skills and machine capabilities, to respond to the unique demands of the medical industry. As in the milling cell; titanium, cobalt chrome, 17-4 PH and other exotic materials are commonplace in this area.


DoosanPuma 1800TT822/48
Miyano ABX-64TH21223/36
DoosanPuma 2600sy621/24
DoosanPuma 2100SY621/24
Deco Delta 38/5L523 Platten /31
Deco Delta 38/5L524 Platten /31
Deco 20A1045 Platten/21
DoosanPuma ST20G523 Platten/25
Cincinnati Hawk 200M D2411/12
Cincinnati Hawk 250M D1411/12
Harrison manual latheM390GH211
Pinqcho manual latheS90/260211


The scale of the capital investment in this area is testament to Takumi Precision Engineering’s commitment to quality assurance. Two Mitsutoyo CNC coordinate measurement machines operate on double shift. These machines are complemented by an assortment of other measuring equipment.


Mitutoyo Cysta Apex S574 CMM
Mitutoyo Cysta Apex C544 CMM
Mitutoyo Euro C A574 CMM
MitutoyoCrysta Apex S9106 CMM
Mitutoyo SJ-400 Surface tester
TesaVisio Microscope
Tesa Visio CNC Microscope 300DCC
Tesa Hite 400 magna u system
Baty R400 Shadowgraph
System AffriHardness Tester 206 RTD
TornosLunette MA202 toolsetter
GBPIElectronic tensile tester

In this cell we are able to produce complex geometries not possible using conventional machining methods. Investment in this “electro discharge machining” technology reflects Takumi`s commitment to providing the ultimate set of capabilities to our customers.


AGIE EDM drill sparkerAct Spark3
AGIE EDM Spark erodeMondo star 204
AGIECUT EDM wireProgress5

The array of equipment and skills in this cell allows us to meet the requirements set out by the industry. A variety of vibratory bowls, blasting machines and belting and polishing machines allow us to provide a range of finishes ranging from matt to bead blasted to high polish.


Rosler Pressure Pot Blaster (Red)STD 1000PS
Typhoon Vacumn Blaster (Blue)UHBC-1
Otec Deburring machineEF18
KKS Parts cleaning machine3 bath (ultrasonic with dryer)
KKS Parts cleaning machine1 bath (ultrasonic, spin & dry)
Walter trowel RumblerCD200
Walter trowel RumblerMini vibra bowl
BMCHPBS-40/2000 bending press

The laser cell was introduced by Takumi Precision Engineering to respond to the requirements of the medical industry. Laser engraving allows us to mark components, giving traceability through clear identification. Laser welding allows us to provide neat solutions for joining and fusing complex medical instruments.



Rofin laser welderSelect SW14
Rofin laser EngraverEasy mark4
Telesis Laser Engraver Zenith 10F4

With our highly motivated and experienced staff and utilising both traditional grinding machinery and the latest in computerised precision grinding technologies, we know that we can fulfil your specific requirements.


J & S surface Grinder5403
Brierley Tool & cutter GrinderZB323
Okamato Surface GrinderPSG 5203