It's all in the name

- Takumi means craftsman

Our exotic name belies our local origins – to this day, Takumi is servicing customers globally, operating in the same townland in Ireland where Gerry Reynolds, our founder, grew up.

As an engineering graduate, he emigrated to Japan and within six months he had become proficient in the Japanese language and had assimilated well.

The Japanese work environment was a great learning experience for the young graduate – processes such as lean, kanban and Gemba were just everyday practices. After six years, Gerry was transferred back to Ireland, where he was eager to implement what he had learned in Japan. It was the start of the Celtic Tiger years in Dublin, and Irish machine shops at that time were not the technologically advanced places they are today. Gerry aimed to create a machine shop to impress the most discerning customers; a machine shop to be proud of. In 1998, Gerry, along with right-hand man, Eddie Byrne, set up Takumi.

Gerry believes that one of the secrets to Takumi’s success lies in his dedication to mentorship and effective people management.

A Global Player

Takumi has gone from strength to
strength; today 60-70% of revenue
comes from overseas.

The promotion of Donal Galligan, from General Manager to CEO in the spring of 2021, along with a newly appointed Board of Directors, signals a new era in Takumi’s growth, with the appointment of 60 new staff and revenues expected to double to €20M over the next 4 years. It’s an exciting time for Takumi and we welcome you to join us in our journey either as a customer, supplier or as one of our new team members.

Today, Gerry is active in the Emerald Aero Cluster and PTMA “I want to raise the standard of Irish industry; I know we can do better together, and as I share I learn as well – I passionately believe that. By doing this we become a better provider of services to our customers. Joining together gives us an edge.”

After 6 years working in Japan, Gerry was transferred back to Ireland to manage the Fujitsu engineering works in Dublin. During the next three years, Gerry forged strong relationships with the local supply chain and became known as an expert in the precision engineering environment. In 1998 Gerry Reynolds and Eddie Byrne set up Takumi in Limerick.

The industry values, engineering practices and business development experiences acquired both in Japan and Dublin have contributed greatly to the ongoing success story that is Takumi.