Choosing Takumi as your Engineering Partner

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At Takumi, we have seen many changes in our 20+ years in business, not least with advancements in technology and globalisation. Trade knows no boundaries, and despite our humble beginnings in Limerick, we continue to forge international relationships with customers and suppliers around the world, accelerating the growth and expansion of our own business.

As Takumi has grown, we have also evolved and entered new sectors where our combined skills and technology meet new demand in those areas. Initially, we operated within the general precision engineering sector, but over time we have built a strong customer base in both the medical and aerospace sectors. 

Our extensively equipped facilities enable us to service both local and international markets effectively. While still firmly rooted in Ireland, 60-70% of our revenue now comes from overseas, emphasising our network strength and vision to expand our operations and enter new markets.

We believe that there are a number of key reasons why you should consider Takumi as your engineering solutions provider.

Our People – Decades of experience in the aerospace and medical industries shared across a diverse and knowledgeable team of engineers. Within the Takumi ecosystem, we also draw upon the abilities of our production team as well as key supporting areas of the business, namely the quality and customer account managers. Every person within Takumi has a key role to play and collectively we strive to deliver excellent quality products and services to our customers.

Our Process – The Takumi leadership and strategy has been influenced by our founder, Gerry Reynolds’ six years in Japan – learning industry values and new engineering practices. This cultural fusion brings the best of both worlds to what we do, marrying Japanese industry with Irish creativity.

Our Resources – Whether it be as a material stockist, programming on HyperMill, employing cutting-edge machine equipment, supply chain connectivity or assembly and logistics operations – we manage a large range of resources that can be adapted and utilised for your organization’s specific needs.

Our Time – An effective team should work within a structured and clear system. Our well trained and experienced staff closely follow the M1 ERP resource planning model which optimizes productivity. This model enables the team to successfully manage multiple projects that span different sectors simultaneously.

A further deep dive into the full capabilities that Takumi can offer can be found on our website. You can also view our equipment list and their associated specifications.

Understanding the core of our customers and suppliers’ needs is what drives us to continually improve what we do at Takumi.

If you have a project that you would like to talk to us about, please contact us.

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