Takumi’s Newest Investment

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Precision Engineering | 0 comments

Here at Takumi, we are continuously making steps towards a brighter, more efficient and innovative future. Our investment strategies have lead us to purchase our next exciting asset; a large capacity 5-axis vertical machining Centre.

This machine specialises in ergonomic operation, with operator-assist software that thoroughly pursues usability. Takumi is now able to thrive with this machine which offers users capacity of 900/780/650mm, high quality and also a single table 5 axis CNC machining platform. It can take billets of up to 500kg on its integrated trunnion 4th and 5th table. It is specially designed for motorsport transmission manufacturers, precision subcontractors and aerospace OEM’s. This machine facilitates a more efficient, streamlined environment. Through the Intelligent Protection System, this machine has an anti-collision function that prohibits any machinery collision that may result from programming faults as well as any human errors that may occur while the machine is under manual control.

(Mastuura MX-850 machine.)

At Takumi we define ourselves by our values: dependability, attention to detail, outstanding performance, and authenticity. This new investment enables us to deliver the high-quality outcomes we promise to our customers.