Takumi Streamlines Production Using M1 ERP System

by | 24, Nov 2016 | Precision Engineering | 0 comments

Effective resource planning is vital in any manufacturing company but perhaps even more so in the engineering sectors where shorter lead times and waste minimisation are key components of a business strategy. To achieve this Takumi turned to the M1 ERP system from ECi Software Solutions.

Installed three years ago to control everything from purchasing to despatch and invoicing, M1 is now seen as so vital to the company’s progress and growth that our Managing Director Gerry Reynolds says his company simply “wouldn’t be able to survive in industry without it”.

Takumi examined a number of ERP systems but chose M1 for its versatility and ease of setup as well as the good local support. Staff could quickly see the benefits of M1 and that eased the transition to the new system.

The business process at Takumi is typical of many subcontract manufacturing companies. Quotation and sales order is followed by the procurement and assignment of materials, and subsequent manufacture, inspection, despatch and invoicing – all of which is controlled by M1. Since installing the system three years ago Takumi has introduced a number of new capabilities, including in-house traceability of documents, hyperlinking and (most recently) the synching of M1 to customer ERP systems.

The reduction in required manual data entry has saved time reduced the need for extra personal resulting in savings for the company. M1 ERP has become a core component to Takumi’s production processes.

To see the full article of how Takumi has integrated M1 ERP into the production workflow check out this post by ECi.