Takumi Recieve Aerospace SC21 Award at Ceremony in Belfast

by | Nov 27, 2014 | Aerospace, SC21 Award

More than 160 business leaders from the aerospace and defence sectors gathered at Titanic Belfast to celebrate the success of the first two companies in the Republic of Ireland to be awarded with a prestigious SC21 award. During the 2 day event there was speeches from a number of industry leaders in the Aerospace sector.

Stephen Cowan the vice president of supply chain and fabrications for Bombardier talked about the importance of SC21 to aerospace sector and how vital it is to Bombardier that all suppliers have SC21. The key to the growth of the aerospace sector it that the supply chain is able to deliver parts on time and in full.

David Quinn from B/E Aerospace talked about how going forward, B/E Aerospace will be insisting that all suppliers into them must have SC21 accreditation. B/E is based in Kilkeel just outside Newry. They specialise in making airplane seats from economy up to first class. Last year alone they made over 110,000. That is equivalent of shipping 11 Ryanair planes worth of seats a week. Over 60% of the world’s airplanes seats are made in this factory. The cocktail table holders that we have made for Oshsima in the past were for B/E Aerospace.

Stephen Gregory, Supplier Development Manager from Airbus talked also on how they are starting with the SC21 program. Again they will be insisting on all suppliers having the SC21 award. Stephen talked about how busy the aerospace industry is and how well it can absorb economy downturns such as the one in 2008/2009 due to the fact that it takes so long to get a plane made Airlines are ordering planes 10 years in advance.