Mission Statement

Doing are best so you can be your best.
To support and partner with our customers, in the development and manufacture of high quality medical, aerospace and general engineering devices and associated products.
Takumi group shot - Ministerial visit


We want to be perceived by our customers as an essential element of their supply chain. Our customers will award work to Takumi on our ongoing track record of exemplary service.

Takumi will be a workplace where all employees can progress and advance their skill set and careers and are suitably recognised and rewarded.


Our business systems will facility growth and lean processing of information and will become an extension of our customer’s organisation.
We will continue to refine and improve our manufacturing processes so that we deliver value to our customers.
Our service and communication with our customers will reflect our ‘can do’ attitude and will always reflect flexibility and agility.

We will develop longterm positive and meaningful relationships with ur customers.
We will always have a fluid and dynamic training plan which reflects the needs of the organisation and the ambition of our employees.


What we believe and how we achieve it:

We believe in employee development and training

We grow our own internal skillset, have training plans, engage external and internal trainers,and conduct appraisals

We embrace technology and modern equipment

We conduct an aggressive investment policy in newest equipment and software.

We strive to improve

We have a strategy to manage improvement, JDI, PDCA, A3, lean systems.

Our customers are important to us

We conduct surveys, we visit customers, we act on customer instruction.

Quality is paramount

Individual ownership, patrols, internal quality metrics, customer feedback, standards and audits.

We are open and transparent

Open book quotes, product prices on job sheets, publishing of management accounts, cell metrics.

We communicate freely with all stakeholders: staff, suppliers and customers

Meetings, state of unions, Takumi Times, site visits, customer perspective awareness.

We share and celebrate success

Staff parties, profit sharing, employee of the month.