Takumi Medical Installs Clean Room

by | Jan 13, 2014 | medical

Takumi Medical is delighted to announce the recent installation and validation of its class 10,000 (ISO Class7) 260 square foot cleanroom. This now enables us to offer product that can be dispatched ‘clean’ and certified directly to our customers.

The cleanroom is made up of a gowning area with an electronic interlock system preventing entry to the cleanroom if the door to the gowning area is open or vice a versa. The inside is a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The air entering the cleanroom and gowning area is filtered through high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Both these areas are kept at positive pressure to ensure that no unfiltered air enters the cleanroom.

The cleanroom is serviced by a substantial 16 cubic foot transfer hatch. This transfer hatch is maintained in a clean environment along with Takumi Medicals new single chamber cleaning/ultrasonic/drying unit.

With the installation of the cleanroom and cleaning unit it now eases many headaches that Takumi Medicals customers have with supply chain issues as it gives them a one stop manufacturing, cleaning, assembly and packaging solution.