Takumi Medical Adds Additional Lathe

by | Jan 13, 2014 | equipment, medical

Takumi Medical has recently installed a Deco 20A Lathe. This will work alongside our current Deco 13Bi Swiss Lathe.

We now have four staff members cross-trained on this equipment, in order to cover 24 hour production. This, therefore, ensures the quality, capacity, and quick turn around to meet customer demands.

This machine boasts even greater capability than the Deco 13Bi, which we have had to date. It is a 10-axis machine, which allows simultaneous machining of complex parts in competitive cycle times. The ability of the machine to deliver finished machined components reduces the need for human intervention resulting in higher levels of quality assurance and greater efficiencies.

As well as being able to accommodate bars of up to 25.4mm in diameter, the machine boast a ‘thread whirling attachment’ that is capable of producing bone screws (see video below). It also has two high speed milling attachments, which machine at up to 40,000 RPM, allowing milling of hexagon and torx shapes on bone screw heads.

We are currently engaged in a comprehensive training regime that will see no less than three visits from Deco engineers. This combined with the experience gained from operating the Deco 13Bi, over the past five years, position us to deliver an ever evolving range of Swiss Turn components.