Takumi Embraces Industry 4.0

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Precision Engineering | 0 comments

A strategic partnership has been formed by Takumi Precision, Grattan Computers, ECi M1 & L.I.T. to bring Industry 4.0 technology to SME’s involved in precision engineering manufacturing.  This collaboration brings together the essential elements of Industry 4.0, through state of the art manufacturing at Takumi Precision, CNC Software Solutions developed by Grattan Computers, ERP Systems provided by ECi M1 and continuous research and development through Limerick Institute of Technology. This partnership has culminated in the Factory Informer control system.

Factory Informer is the latest solution developed by Grattan Computers. Factory Informer is a CNC production control system that seamlessly retrieves work order details from the M1 ERP system and automatically downloads the required machining programs, based on a scan of a bar-coded work order.

The First Phase of Factory Informer will be trialled at Takumi Precision during April 2017, and aims to provide the following benefits:

  • Reduced operator error
  • Automatic downloading of most up to date machine programs
  • Full production tracking through the manufacturing process
  • Improved scheduling
  • Real-Time machine performance feedback
  • Better Machine Utilization Metrics
  • Capacity Identification
  • Enhanced communications through all departments in the manufacturing company

Future phases of Factory Informer development will explore the integration of other technologies developed by Grattan Computers including:

  • Energy monitoring and conservation
  • Reducing carbon footprint of production processes
  • Predictive machine maintenance
  • Direct part marking & verification

Full information will be made available on http://www.grattan.ie on successful conclusion of trials. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact Frank Walsh on: 087 252 0424 or frank@grattan.ie