Takumi Acquires Further Bombardier Approval

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Aerospace

Takumi Precision Engineering has acquired further approval from Bombardier Aerospace Quality as a Class A Subcontractor.

Takumi have received approval to  manufacture parts to the following specifications:

  • BAPS 151-010 – Installation of Mechanically Expanding Blind Rivets
  • BAPS 151-029 – Installation of Lightweight Threaded Hex-Drive Fasteners, Hi-Lite, Aero-Lite Types
  • BAPS 157-028 – Pressure & Environmental Sealing Limited to wet installation of fasteners, faying surface sealing & sealing applications of bearings/bushes
  • BAPS 157-030 – Application of High Temperature Firewall Sealant Limited to wet installation of fasteners & faying surface of nutplates & sealing applications of bearings/bushes
  • BAPS 175-004 – Installation & Retention of Self Aligning Groove Bearings by Roller or Anvil Swaging Limited to roller swaging – Tooling No’s CMDST-MS14101-3, CMDST-MS14103-8 & CMIRP-CMD02281014
  • BAPS 175-005 – Installation of Interference Fit Bushings Limited to liquid nitrogen

The managing director of Takumi, Gerry Reynolds noted that “these approvals enable Takumi to deliver more value to our customers. It integrates us deeper in the supply chain, allows us to add more value to the machined parts and frees up valuable resources for our customers. I would like to thank the Bombardier regulatory personnel for their patience and perseverance in assisting us obtain these approvals.”