We bring expertise and experience to the aerospace sub-contract industry

Low Volume Production

Expertise in Low to Medium Volume Precision Components

Complex Parts

Expertise in Manufacturing Complex Parts

Component Manufacture

Qualified in 1000+ components

Aluminium and Titanium

Expertise in Aluminium and Titanium components.
Expertise in CAM, coupled with an unrivalled skill set on our production floor, positions us as your partner of choice for Aerospace component manufacturing and assembly. Takumi Precision Engineering has an excellent New Product Introduction process that enables us to work with prime contractors in the sub-supply of Aerospace program offloads.
CNC, CAM and CMM Competence

CNC, CAM and CMM Competence

Takumi has extensive expertise in the manufacture and assembly of low to medium volume precision aerospace components. This competence has particular relevance to the Aerospace sector.

Taking full advantage of our multi-axis CNC competence as well as our industry leading CAM and CMM expertise Takumi has entered into significant contracts in the aerospace industry.

The product portfolio is currently concentrated on aluminum wing and fuselage components. The nature of these machined parts is well known across the aerospace industry and covers Butt-Straps, Shear Ties, Rib Posts and Splices, as well as a wide variety of brackets.

Challenging Geometries

Challenging Geometries

These parts present difficult 3D geometries, many have challenging thin walled (1.5mm) designs, in line with the industry wide move towards lighter structures and greater fuel efficiency.

The components have been programmed and Machined successfully in Takumi under extremely tight timelines. While most of the current batch is Aluminum, Takumi has a wide experience manufacturing aerospace components

Takumi Values

Machining Centres

In all Takumi has 12, four & five axis machining centres, as well as seven CNC lathes. Programming is carried out on the latest version of InventorCAM. This software package has proved to be extremely proficient, particularly for 5 axis work, and is very intuitive and user friendly. These machines allow us to offer the very best in precision engineered aerospace components. Takumi also possess Mastercam X6 and CATIA V5-6 R2012 and can accept models in all common industry standards including CATIA, IJES and STEP.

We have 6 CAM Engineers, working across 2 shifts, giving us the capacity to complete 20-30 new components per week, depending on part complexity.

Takumi Values


Employing best practice methodologies in inspection and review Takumi has 3 Mitutoyo CMM machines, with GEOPAK V3.3, as well as ENOVIA DMU Navigator & 3DVIA Composer.

All inspection at Takumi is tailored towards model based inspection, in line with industry moves in this direction.


The business is driven by a fully integrated ERP system called M1. This ensures that all ordering, processing, reporting and planning related to a job is all drawn from the bill of materials, with material traceability and capacity planning well managed throughout.