Industrial Precision Engineering

The backbone of manufacturing activity

Composite Materials and Plastics

We have competency in a wide range of composite materials.

Manufacturing Activity

Supporting a wide variety of manufacturing activity.

Broad Range of Markets

Supplying engineered products to a broad range of markets.

Prototype to Finished Product

Complete service from prototype to finished product

Industrial Precision Engineering

Precision engineering forms the backbone of manufacturing activity. It forms an integral part of electrical, electronic, mechanical and optical engineering. From semiconductor chips, to the most advanced medical devices and the most sophisticated drill bits used in oil exploration, precision engineered products play a vital role in the development of the overall economy.


Manufacturing Rings

Materials and Services

Precision engineered products may be manufactured from either ferrous or non-ferrous metals or from a wide range of composite materials and plastics. The precision engineering industry is also instrumental in providing specialist engineering services for the maintenance and overhaul of plant and machinery used in a multitude of production processes.

Aircraft Wing


Typical end-market applications for precision engineered products can be found in the aerospace, automotive, capital equipment, defence, electronics, materials handling, medical equipment, oil and gas, power generation, renewable energy and transportation industries.

Precision Engineering Sector Report 2012
A Clearwater Industrials Team Report