Research and Development

Continuous Investment in R&D Means Takumi is Constantly Innovating and Evolving

Developing Prototypes to Exploer Feasibility

Finding Ways to Create Complex Parts

Utilising Cutting Edge Technologies

Making Impossible Geometries Possible

As a contract manufacturer the responsibility and ownership of product design rests with you, our customers. However, we in Takumi are constantly evolving and continuously improving our manufacturing processes in order to remain competitive.

Takumi Logo on World Map

We invest heavily in the latest capital equipment and utilise cutting edge technologies and tooling in order to achieve best yields from this machinery.

We are always happy to partner with our customers to develop prototypes and figure out what is achievable and make-able.

We excel at pushing out the boundary and making  impossible geometries possible.


Takumi Values

Industry 4.0

We are also embracing Industry 4.0 and developing an integrated closed loop EPR system with the vision that our entire business systems from order intake, procurement and receipt, machine scheduling and output reporting as well as progress reports to customers will be automated and in real time. It is our vision to develop a “Takumi Way” and  break down and simplify all ERP transactions so that M1, our ERP system, will always portray an accurate “pulse” of the workings of our business.