Growing the Aerospace Industry in Ireland

by | Jun 13, 2016 | Aerospace, SC21 Award

The Aerospace Industry is a global business with its commercial sector alone estimated at a value approaching $300bn. Passenger flights are expected to increase 5% per year over the next 20 years which will contribute to increases in aircraft production while improvements in aircraft technology, particularly fuel efficiency, will drive growth in aircraft replacement continuing the upward projection of order numbers.

ADS is an umbrella group that serves the needs for the aerospace industry in the UK. Increasingly companies from the Republic of Ireland are joining the ADS group and are looking to take a share of the £31bn turnover.* The sector has grown 39% in the UK since 2010 and employs 128k workers directly, producing £27bn in exports.

The SC21 supply-chain and productivity programme promoted by ADS allows its members to gain access to this growing market. The programme enables sub-contract companies to create competitive and sustainable supply chains for the aerospace industry. Six Irish companies, including Takumi, were recently awarded the Bronze Level SC21 award demonstrating a commitment to this industry south of the border. With continued support from state agencies the ADS group may open a second office on the island (there is currently an office in Belfast) to service companies in the Republic. With the right approach the aerospace sector could become a very lucrative industry for Irish engineering companies.

*UK Aerospace, 2015