Takumi is delighted to announce that we will be attending Aeromart Montréal 2019. Takumi will be joined at this suppliers forum by some of the most renowned companies in the aeronautic and space industry. The event is due to take place from the 16th to the 18th of April in Montréal -the third aeronautic hub in the world. Aeromart Montréal began hosting this spectacular event 20 years ago and is now one of the leading aeronautic and space events for businesses worldwide

Over three days, 1,300 participants are expected to take part in key events to benefit their businesses. So far, over 800 companies have signed up to engage in a total of over 11,000 business meetings.


Why Takumi will be attending the Aeromart Montréal:

  1. As a business based in Limerick, Ireland, we want to be able to get the benefits of meeting with international companies, but not to have to constantly endure long-haul flights across the globe to meet individual businesses. Aeromart Montréal is the only venue where suppliers and vendors who wish to magnify their business in Canada can meet important primes without dragging themselves all over the enormous country.
  2. We want to prepare for the tomorrow. Takumi understands that one of the most important practices a successful business does, is apprehend the future. We believe that this event provides the opportunity to do so with the creation of new clients, partners, and business contacts. For us, this is an unmissable opportunity to get ahead of the game.
  3. Aeromart Montréal guarantees to its attendees that this event is 100% business focused. No visitors are allowed to come to the event which we believe helps maintain the high standard of professionalism.
  4. In our experience, one of the aspects of running a business that most often gets overlooked is visibility. We spend so long perfecting our product that we can often forget to put our name out there. Aeromart offers businesses a technical catalogue that we believe will help publicize Takumi’s name
  5. Our service allows you to arrange meetings to suit your needs prior to arrival. With meetings planned prior to the event, much of the hassle of administrative work is taken care of before we even arrive.
  6. Aeromart Montréal offers a turnkey service which guarantees any organizational aspects stressing your business will be taken care of for you.



Here’s what you can expect from the Aeromart Montréal:

  1. A mixture of plenary sessions, workshops, and one to one meetings and conferences.
  2. Meet the contacts of your choosing with face to face, targeted, pre-arranged meetings over the three days.
  3. A genuine BtoB platform.
  4. A matchmaking programme that connects companies, offering the best capabilities and services.

Key Participants:

Joining Takumi at Aeromart Montréal will be some of top companies in the field. Some of the biggest names include:

  • Mitsubishi,
  • Airbus,
  • Air Canada,
  • Superjet International,
  • and Thales Alenia Space.

Meet With Takumi At Aeromart Montreal