About Takumi

Find out how the Takumi philosophy delivers for our clients.

Takumi Precision Engineering is a leading precision component manufacturing partner with the ability to develop products from concept, through prototyping and onto the full production run.


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Global Player

We supply, and work on behalf of, companies in the medical devices, pharmaceutical, aerospace and precision engineering arenas. Our clients are based world wide and demand the very highest levels of quality and service – for this reason they choose TAKUMI PRECISION ENGINEERING.

The Services we offer our clients include:

  • Prototyping
  • Complete Manufacturing
  • Part Manufacturing
  • Design Consultancy
  • Inspection
  • Validation
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Evolving a Philosophy

Established in 1998 we We are a one stop shop for General Engineering companies as we have the widest range of machinery of any company in our sector. We supply medical, aerospace, automotive, chemical, pharma and other sectors.

Takumi Precision Engineering’s philosophy is to work closely with you, our customer, to achieve a complete engineering solution to all your technical needs. We ensure, through expertise and efficiency, your supply chain meets the exacting demands of your customers.

Takumi Values

Striving for Excellence

Takumi is the Japanese word for craftsman or artisan.

This word is central to the company’s quality policy. Even in this hi-tech environment of CNC machines the ancient craftsman’s principles of pride in one’s work and striving for excellence are the core values of Takumi Precision Engineering.

Each employee understands the importance of taking total responsibility for the quality of their work. There is a keen awareness of how dependent Takumi Precision Engineering is on its customers and everyone is conscious of the needs and requirements of each individual customer.

Takumi Growth

Team Takumi Working for You

All employees are encouraged to draw on each other’s strengths and develop each other’s skills to create a team that will ultimately be of greater service to the customer.

Through working together we strive to keep Takumi Precision Engineering at the forefront of subcontract manufacturing.